FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

I've never been on whitewater, I have no experience, it does not matter?

· Of course it doesn´t matter, rafting on the Salza river is also designed for complete beginners

I do not have the necessary equipment:

· Everything you need is: neopren suit, neoprene jacket (depending on weather), neoprene boots, life-jacket, helmet and paddle and this you will get from us (is also available dry bag for the transport of items)

I can not speak German or Czech:

· There is always a guide who can explain it in your language (English, German, Czech or Slowak)

Is it difficult?

· It is necessary to prepare for paddling, but it is not difficult

Will I get wet?

· Very popular question - of course YES, it's a water sport :-)

I have ordered rafting but in the weather forecast is rain ...

· Rain is not a problem, good for us, there will be more water