General Terms and Conditions

Individual participant's requirements of Rafting

Each participant shall ensure that he meets the necessary physical and mental conditions based on the selected tour in the catalog, described in detail on our website

Persons under the influence of prescription drugs, alcohol or drugs are excluded from the tour.

Safety / Risk

Each participant of the Black Sheeps Adventures Ltd tours (then only BSA) is taking in mind that he will attends adventurous, adrenaline activity. Tours of BSA will be led by trained guides. Equipment meets the latest safety standards for rafting the white water difficulty WW III +.

All tours are accurately planned and prepared. We reserve the right to change the rafting section or time spent on the water due to the weather, water level and state of the participants themselves. Before each tour starts, safety briefing will be led by the trained instructor, where participants learn everything they need to know to move on whitewater. Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the instructor during the entire voyage.

Organizer is not responsible for any damages that occur during activities which go beyond the originally ordered program.

Buyer emphatically declares that signing up to the trip made in full awareness of themselves and others enrolled. Rescue costs (Standby helicopter, mountain rescue, etc.), unless they are covered by liability insurance BSA will be covered by rescued participants. Therefore, it is recommended, that before the adventure you set up an insurance corresponding to the activity performed (Rafting, kayaking, canyoning, etc.).

Interruption tours / exclusion of participants

The instructor has the right to exclude the tour participants who violate the Terms of BSA, but also those who do not meet the necessary conditions or cancel the whole tour altogether. And even in the case of a breach or failure to comply with the instructor during the tour.

Tour guide reserves the right to make changes in the program (possibly cancel the tour) as a result of unforeseen circumstances which may endanger the safety of participants (such as high water levels in the river, weather changes, poor physical condition of participants, etc.). Organizer (BSA) is also entitled to cancel the contract under the above conditions.

In the case of the objective complications in carrying out the tour, customer will be issued a voucher for the same activity and in the same value which can be applied one year after its issuance.

When subjective obstacles, such as a gross violation of the rules, threats to the security of participants, or failure to comply with instructions of the tour guide, the instructor can tour immediately suspended, or expelled the particular participant without any further compensation.

Injury or damage to the loaned equipment is necessary to report immediately to the conductor (guide).

During the rafting is not recommended to wear any valuables (watches, earrings, rings, glasses, ...). In case of loss BSA does not bear any responsibility.

Duration of the tour

The duration of the tour can't be always accurately predicted. Times listed on the website are approximate. The duration depends primarily on the state of water in the river, weather, physical ability of the participants, and so on.


The right of entry and exit point of the tours with own vehicles is not part of our program. We take no responsibility for injuries, accidents and property damage caused.

The organizer is not liable for third party services. Participation in all events is at your own risk. When renting equipment, person doing so is obliged to return the rented equipment intact. The organizer is entitled to demand compensation for the damage on the equipment caused participants.

The tours are sporty and adventurous, hence why we place increased demand on physical condition and health of all participants.

Special conditions for BSA rafting tours

Each participant must be a swimmer. In case of doubts, swimming will be tested before the adventure starts as the swimming in white water is part of the initial instruction. During the whole tour, each participant is responsible for having the helmet in gear and vest enabled (participant shall ensure that it is sufficiently tightened so that the body does not move). Those two things (helmet and vest) are strictly forbidden to undo or undress throughout the voyage (as part of the tour means access to the river and the river). Furthermore, each participant needs to make sure that he carries the necessary equipment such as neoprene pants, neoprene jacket, neoprene shoes, helmet, vest and a paddle. Guide is entitled to exclude the participant with the lack of equipment from the tour - if that circumstance has occurred due to negligence of the participant.

Use of own equipment after the approval of the organizer is possible, but it must answer the standards for white water level WW III +, but it does not affect the price of the rafting tours.

Tours of BSA are suitable for children under 7 years with the required swimming skills. Children of age 7 - 15 need to be accompanied by parent or other legal guardian. Youths 15 to 18 years old must be accompanied by another person older than 18.

School groups - each child is required to bring a completed and signed authorization from their parents.

During each tour you may be able to jump from about 5 meter jump or rock (when conditions permit -the decision is only up to guide whether during adventure you will or will not be able to jump). Jumping is at your own risk, the company BSA is not responsible for any injury. Participants will be trained before the jump, on the correct method of jumping and correct swim to the shore.

The participant is responsible for intentional damage to boats and equipment.

User is obliged to cooperate with the loading and unloading of ships to / from the vehicle.

Own responsibility of each participant is to be extremely careful when getting in and out of the boat. Shoal, the deep, slippery stones, various conditions of water flow are to be expected. Keep in mind the movement of the boat, causing an increased risk of injury.

The participant is obliged to inform the instructor about any medical problems (asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.). Each instructor carries a dry bag, which can store needed medications.

Photos and videos taken by BSA during hikes may be used for promotional purposes of the company.

Nature and environment

Along the river Salza, and the river itself is exceptional for its beauty and purity. Therefore, it is forbidden to throw any garbage, cigarette butts and other things in the water and nature. All garbage needs to be taken with you and at the end of tour will be thrown in the bins provided for this purpose (it is assorted waste in Austria). The same applies to any impurities found in the water or on the shore.

By the signature on the list of participants of the tour I declare, that I have read the above terms and conditions and agree with them (parent or a legal guardian signs for the child).