Kayak Courses

There are also other ways to enjoy a holiday on the Salza river

Kayak is also suitable for complete beginners, who have no experience with whitewater, and for those who have already tried rafting, and would like to try something else.

Difference between Kayak and Raft is that the boat is not inflatable and you sit in alone. Thus, without a guide, who controls your ship. Of course trained instructor is always there and ready to intervene in case you need help.


Who it is intended for: for anyone who would like to try something different, something in what you are "masters of your own ship". Children are recommended from the age of 10 years.

What to take with you: swimsuit, snacks and especially good mood :-)

Day One:

  • the course begin at 9:00 in the camp Naturfreunde in Wildalpen

  • followed by meeting the instructor, filling the lists of participants

  • deal out the equipment as a boat, paddle, spraydeck (skirt used to cover the entrance hole of the boat), neoprene suit, dry jacket, boots, helmet and lifejacket

  • followed by training on dry land (paddling technique, getting off the kayak, ...)

  • after successful dry training, but with respect to water (for the beginnig on the still water), where we train the things from dry training "wet"

  • then (according to the competence of the participants)  we go a small piece down the river (less wilder section)

  • 15:00 anticipated end

Day two:

  • we meet again in the same camp at 9:00, you already have your equipment, so we go on the river (the section and the length is determined according to capabilities and experience of participants)

  • program for the day: training ride in the stream, upstream, crossing the river from side to side, "parking" in the eddy (behind the obstacles) paddle improvement techniques, ...

Days as follows:

  • improving already acquired skills, possibility to train "Eskimo roll" in the pool

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