Basic informations

Rafting is an outdoor activity operated on inflatable boats (two-seats or multi-seat). It is considered an extreme sport, it is not suitable for all.

Who it is for?

For all those who want to experience the thrills of white water, but also a lot of fun. On the raft is always  "guide" So experienced person who controls and stear the whole boat.

Who it is not suitable for?

· Especially for non-swimmers - Although the participants are dressed in neoprene, life jackets and helmets, but also you need to have a basic knowledge of swimming

· Child up to 7 years - this rule is given, there's nothing we can do. For older children, the above mentioned condition - must be able to swim, accompanied by their parents or somebody who will take the responsibility about them

· People badly moving, with health limitations - it is an adrenaline sport, we are also moving on the slippery stones, ...

· Person under the influence of alcohol and drugs 

What will we experience during the ride?

Especially a lot of fun, swimming (whether wanted or unwanted). The program is also situated jumping from 5 m high bridge (optional and at your own risk). Swimming in whitewater (voluntarily). Cruise through the beautiful Palfauer canyon and lot of adrenaline and great experiences.

What do we ride?

As already mentioned, rafting is operated on inflatable boats of different sizes. For beginners we recommend a larger rafts for 4-10 people where everyone sits together with a guide on a boat. You don´t need to worry about driving, but sometimes paddling is necessary. For more experienced paddlers is recommended mini raft, which is for 3-4 people. The mini raft guide is not present, but he ist on the accompanying boat, so in case of overturning or other problems is always there, ready to help. And for big daredevils are the smaller boats for two (widely known as Palava) - where it is necessary to have a bit more experience.

When the river Salza is navigable?

From end of April to middle of October and in any weather. Rain is not a problem. At the beginning of the season it is to be expected with a little bit more adrenaline (melting snow and water is more, even air temperatures are lower). Conversely summer comfort and swimming (but less water) to enjoy during the summer months.

!!! In high level of water (flood level) for safety reasons, we do not drive !!!

The water level can be checked on a regular basis HERE

By water level above the red dashed line is Salza river no more passable (flood level).