Basic informations

"It´s nothing for me, it´s only for the rich people"

This is the answer what we hear when we say to people, let´s go with us to the yachting trip.

Surprise: one week on the yacht costs about the same as a week in the apartment !!!

!!! You just need a CREW, DATE,  FINANCE, we take care of the rest !!!

Why Sailing ??

- It's a unique way to see the land from a different perspective, try to work as the captain, or just lying around on the deck and enjoy the sunshine (on the yacht is never unbearably hot as on the mainland due to the constant breeze).

- A man is master of his time = we can stop everywhere and everytime (on the beach without people or on  the busy beach), jump in the water and throw away all your worries

- Discover new places and corners where you can hardly get on from the mainland ...

- The opportunity to try to steer the ship, basic navigation, work with ropes, ...

- Choose between more expensive but convenient option, or cheap and adventurous

- We also offer the cook on a yacht

What about seasickness ?

- By experience, man who is not sick in the car,  is not sick on the yacht (except for the large consumption of alcohol or extremely bad weather = big waves)

If interested, contact us and we will offer you a dream holiday.

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